During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast for a certain period of 30 days which detoxes the body, blood sugar stays in control, fights inflammation, improves heart health, boost brain function, weight loss, increases growth hormone secretion, could delay ageing and longevity.

However, the benefits of fasting also rely on what we feed our body as in Pakistan no dastarkhawan is completed without pakoras, samosas and other fried food which is essential for every person who is fasting as this is the need of a pure desi family. Most people open their fast with the intake of fried food which is hazardous for health as the makers don’t think about anybody’s health.

As yummy it sounds and looks ravishing on the table, it is not good for health if it is eaten in excessive amount or if it is made in bad quality oil. The banaspati ghee or oil being used is in repetition usage which is an alarming situation for people of all age. On the other hand, Punjab Food Authority has banned many local vendors who are using banaspati ghee or re-using oil which is affecting a large number of people. The health of people is not only in their hands but also PFA(Punjab Food Authority) has taken this opportunity to stop such products which are injurious to health

Marina Pervaiz,

Lahore, May 27.