LAHORE           -   As a result of what appears to be a gruesome and merci­less murder, amputated legs of a woman were recovered from a garbage can in Nishtar Colony on Thursday, police sources informed.

According to the police sources, amputated legs of a woman were found when a garbage truck came to col­lect garbage from the road­side dumpster. The police sources informed that the legs were amputated just be­low the knees.

The police officials reached the spot as they re­ceived the information and sent the legs to the morgue for autopsy. The police sources said that seemingly the woman was murdered by some unknown culprits before her legs were ampu­tated. The police is looking for the torso of the woman and further investigations would be carried out once the ill-fated woman was identified.


Lahore Police continued to ensure safety measures in­cluding strict implementa­tion on SOPs according to the government directions to contain the unnecessary movement of the public in the city during the partial lockdown imposed by Pun­jab government in wake of impending coronavirus.

Accordingly, as many as 8,219 vehicles have been im­pounded in different police stations involved in violations.

More than 02 lac 40 thou­sand citizens have been checked at these pickets so far and inquired the reasons of their movement in the city whereas more than 02 lac 28 thousands 661 persons have been issued warning, request­ing them to contain their un­necessary movement and go back to their homes and stay safe. More than 4,456 citi­zens involved in unnecessary movement were released afterwards taking warranty bonds from them as not to move again in city other than in acute emergency situation.

More than 02 lac 17 thou­sands vehicles including 12,19,66 motorcycles, 30,496 rickshaws, 6,629 taxis, 46,206 cars and 11,769 bigger vehi­cles were stopped on pickets and vehicles owners were is­sued warnings for their un­necessary movement