ISLAMABAD              -           In anticipation of wheat shortage and hike in wheat price in the federal capital, the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has asked the concerned authorities at Centre and Punjab to allow wheat to come to Islamabad so that price of flour remains in control.

The high-ups of the ICT administration held a meeting with flour association regarding flour prices in the federal capital, according to the officials.

The representatives of the association raised concerns that the provincial governments were not allowing the wheat to come to Islamabad and there are no wheat growers of Islamabad so prices of flour will rise.

The ICT administration took notice of the same and spoke to Secretary Food Punjab and also Secretary National Food Security for allowing wheat to come to Islamabad and also for restoration of wheat quota so that prices of flour stay in control, said the officials on Thursday.

The officials said at present government-procured wheat was not being given to the mills in federal capital and that the government rate of Rs 805 per 20kg was not being enforced. Wheat in open market costs around Rs 1000 per 20 kg but as privately-procured flour is also not being allowed to come to Islamabad so there could be increase in price of flour, they maintained.

However, they said, after the ICT administration’s steps, wheat will be available from today and government of Punjab has also been requested to ease down restriction on trucks bringing wheat to Islamabad.