ISLAMABAD           -         Instagram will start paying some of its IGTV creators through shared ad revenue for the first time. Ads will start appearing on some IGTV videos next week for 200 English-speaking creators and will feature brands like Puma, Ikea, and Sephora. Creators will take a 55 percent cut of ad revenue while the rest goes to Instagram. The platform says it plans to expand the model to all creators in the future.

To start, Instagram will reportedly only feature ads in videos that are opened via the platform’s preview feature from users’ feeds. They’ll be a maximum of 15 seconds long and in the future, Instagram plans on test letting users skip ads much like those that appear at the beginning of YouTube videos. Instagram will also be tasked with more stringently monitoring ads and content that appears on its IGTV platform to ensure that brands don’t get associated with undesirable content or vice versa.