HANGU - The recruitment of teachers on different cadres in Hangu district accomplished on merit and under the prevailing policy and the government has taken a revolutionary initiative in the education department. These views were expressed by DDAC Chairman MPA Shah Faisal while talking to media here Thursday.

Faisal said that keeping in view the merits and rules on the posts of 136 different cadres who have passed NTS and fulfilled merit in Hangu district, the Hangu Education Department issued the order. The PTI government, he said, was taking practical steps to promote education. In the last five years of government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, more than 50,000 teachers have been recruited for various cadre posts, which has filled the shortage of teachers in the province to a large extent, he informed.

He said that the government is taking practical steps to improve the education sector which has not been done in previous periods. He said that the PTI government has provided quality education by spending millions of rupees on initiating various development projects in the field of education.

He said that huge sums of money are being spent on various development projects in the field of education. New avenues of development will be established, he said, adding”Development is our mission, for which we will use all our efforts.”