Faisalabad - As many as 8 cases registered against  shopkeepers for overcharging in chicken and 3 shops had been sealed in different localities while 3,29,000 fine had also imposed to the 42 shopkeepers for taking over price of chicken during the last three days in the district. Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali went to the different markets and checked the prices of chicken, mutton, Beef and other items. Talking to the mediaman, Deputy Commissioner informed that a crackdown is being carried out by the price control magistrates across the district against the expensive sellers of chicken meat. He said that a rate of chicken 260 per kg. has been fixed by Punjab government which needs to be implemented and strict instructions have been issued to the Price Control Magistrates in this regard. He said that the Price Magistrates had asked to keep abreast of their daily performance and poor performance will not be tolerated.