Among millions of Muslims, a small group due to certain internal and external factors has taken up arms against their real and assumed enemies. But all the Muslims in the world are blamed when it comes to using the term terrorism. Todays terrorism is not an outcome of events of one day or few months. It has a certain background, environment, influence and provocations. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are mostly viewed as not justified even by the West as there are no solid grounds established to take such steps of trampling on the sovereignty of other nations. But besides this reason, the other main cause of violence, anger, and frustration is the oriental approach of the West. Messages conveyed through literature, movies and even video games is a case in point. Switch to any English channel and there one would find four to five movies a day and majority of them have scenes of violence and extremism. Todays terrorism has sprung up from one factor or incident. These movies which today show extremists and terrorists and ways of violence are all responsible for developing and setting a trend towards crime and terrorism. We are responsible only because we were not able to ban such material, which causes frustration and anxiety leading to criminal attitude among the youth. The blame game should be stopped as West is also responsible for todays problems we are facing. ANWAR PARVEEN, Rawalpindi, November 28.