With the functioning of Indias 20th atomic reactor, courtesy the US civil nuclear cooperation with New Delhi and for which fuel could be easily procured regardless of the IAEA safeguards, the real purpose of the Indo-US deal is becoming manifest. As initially feared, under the garb of supporting Indias economy and energy sector, the nuclear deal has now reached a stage, where it could be easily used to increase Indias nuclear arsenal. And given the fact that New Delhi had earlier been turning its civil nuclear programme into weapons mode, it is abundantly clear that it is up to that at the moment as well. It is a pity that on the contrary, Pakistan is being seriously reprimanded and pressured into giving up civil nuclear cooperation with China, which is meant to produce electricity and most important is in accordance with the IAEA safeguards. It is strange that the US calls itself to be a steadfast ally of Pakistan but ironically adopts policies, which hurt us the most. The government has been persistently trying to persuade the Americans to rescue our power sector and also our economy by signing a civil nuclear accord, but to no avail. Not only it turned a deaf ear to all our genuine demands and needs but has gone as far as seeing to it that no other country provides us with nuclear technology. And the pity is that the federal government still fawns upon the Obama Administration in every conceivable way. The consequences of American nuclear assistance to the Indians would have harmful effects on South Asian security paradigm of course. But even beyond, it would give Iran sufficient reason to question why it is being singled out for its peaceful nuclear programme. How in such circumstances could anyone fault Iran for its nuclear ambitions, which are in any case peaceful in intent? The US was the first country to use atom bombs to decimate the two Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki and for which it has yet to tender an apology to the Japanese nation. And it still remains the biggest agent of proliferation, the latest being the case of India.