The meter reader mafia of LESCO is so strong that no one it seems is powerful enough to take any concrete action against it. This mafia is also involved in the electricity theft and gets 'monthlies from those who wish to reduce the amount of their utility bills. The relevant authorities are well aware of all the facts but they do nothing in this regard. This month my electricity bill showed that on November 8, the number of total consumed units was 28509 whereas on November 25 my residential meter was showing the number as 28506 units. I called to 118 and lodged a complaint (No. 196309) with them but the CSR asked me to see the relevant SDO to resolve the issue. I went to the SDO and told him the whole story. After listening to me, he asked me to write an application and then rectified the amount of my utility bill. When I asked him whether he is going to take any action against the meter reader or not, he said that it just happens and we cannot do anything against the meter reader. This is really disgusting ATIF K BUTT, Lahore, November 28.