I disagree with Roy Dilawar Khan, who was of the opinion that the police is always late when asked to catch the thieves. According to him a sad incident took place in a village of district Hafizabad. I want to ask a question, is police solely responsible for such sad incidents. We the public never bother to think how the police is serving the public. It is being victimized by terrorists. They are providing security to the public and VIPs at the same time. Police is guarding our mosques, roads and cities. Officers of the traffic police have to suffer from various deadly diseases due to pollution while performing their duties. I am not appreciating police but we the people of Pakistan never think about the difficulties faced by the force. Do they take proper rest after late night duties? Do they visit their homes? In which way they are leading their lives with a small salary while prices of everything is going sky-high. How their children are leading their lives without proper attention of their fathers. We the public have to change our behavior and thinking towards the police department. A lot of police officials are fulfilling their duties honestly. Is there is any institution in Pakistan, working according to its limits? Why only Police department is being accused? SH. ZAMEER UD DIN SHAKEEL, Hafizabad, November 28.