Todays papers carry the news that the Nato Chief has said that the attack on Pakistani soldiers was un-intentional. Very generous of him Yesterday, I talked to Lt Col Shahid Jan from Peshawar. He had just visited CMH Peshawar to meet the wounded in Salah Post by the US/Nato raid on night of 26 November. This is what he told me. There were 14 wounded lying in the surgical ward suffering a variety of wounds. He talked to everyone of them and asked them what had happened. The crux of the account of the soldiers and officers was that at about 11pm on 26th Nov a light aircraft came from across the border, flew over the post and fired flares and returned. About half an hour later armed helicopters and light aircraft came. They again fired flares and began firing at the men. They remained in the area for about 5 to 6 hours. During this time, the helicopter kept firing at individual personnel at will. The post had only one 12.7 anti-aircraft gun which opened fire. The gunner was shot. The major on the post took up the gun and began firing at the helicopters. He was fired at again. While changing position he was hit by a rocket or missile. His body was blasted to pieces. Only his name-plate was found. Every one of the men on the post was killed or wounded. They seemed to be in no hurry and going after each individual separately. Having finished the entire post, they went back without any casualty on their part. And the Nato Chief has the effrontery to say that it was un-intentional. Now my question is, if for 5 to 6 hours this enemy action was taking place and our ground troops were under such deliberate enemy fire, where was the Armys reaction and where was the PAF during all this time? I cannot believe that the Corps HQ or the PAF Northern Command in Peshawar did not know what was going on, on the front. If so, both should be disbanded for deliberate incompetence. AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, November 28.