The recent killings of our 26 soldiers and several wounded by Nato helicopters during an unprovoked attack on a border check post is a grim reminder of the dirty war that Pakistan has taken upon itself like a tasteless sin. The reason of this mayhem is stated to be unintended operation which is preposterous. One wonders if our soldiers partridges to be shot at sweet will of U.S. and Nato forces while claiming Pakistan are to be their front line ally? It is about time that Pakistan got out of this bloody and thankless war that takes a heavy toll in life and limb of our soldiers who have families back home. Gen. Kayani must decide to quit this senseless war against our own people and let Afghanistan stew in its own juice. People of Pakistan in general are against this so-called war against terrorism. Instead we ought to be more concerned with our eastern border and not fritter away our resources on a futile war. The stoppage of Nato supplies for good would be a welcome decision that must not be retracted at any cost. DR.MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, November 28.