LAHORE Two people were found murdered here in different parts of the City, police said on Monday. In the first incident, a 38-year-old official of a sensitive agency was found tortured to death inside a hotel room in the Nawan Kot area. Police investigators said that the man, later identified as Muhammad Arshad, a resident of Chunian, was lying dead in a pool of blood inside the hotel room as they rushed to the crime scene. The management of the hotel contacted the police after they broke open the door and witnessed the dead-body. The hotel staff entered the room as the man did not come out till Monday afternoon. The staff told the police that Arshad, who had introduced himself as a commando in a security agency, arrived there on Sunday along with a friend of his, and took a room (No 6) on rent. His friend, ye to be identified, is still missing under mysterious circumstances. Investigators said that apparently it seemed that the killer hit the man in the head with bricks after administering some drugs to him. The police have removed the body to the morgue for autopsy and are investigating with no arrest made so far. In the other incident, a 28-year-old man was found slaughtered in Wahdat Colony police area on early Monday. Police said the man, yet to be identified, was lying dead at Maqbool Road, in Wahdat Colony, as they reached the spot. Some passersby spotted the dead-body and contacted the police by phone. The police said that the killers slaughtered the man and fled away after setting the dead-body on fire. The dead-body was beyond recognition. The police have removed the body to the morgue for autopsy and are investigating. CRUSHED: A 55-year-old cyclist was crushed to death when a rashly driven bus ran over him here in Defense area, police and rescue workers said on Monday. The man, later identified as Moulvi Bashir Ahmed, a resident of Okara district, was on his way to teach holy Quran to his students in the area when a recklessly driven bus hit his bicycle from the rear side, resulting in his on-the-spot death. The deceased was residing in a rented house located at Ghazi Road for the last several years. The bus driver managed to escape from the crime scene. The police have impounded the bus and are investigating.