There's a famous adage that "When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you". The US led Nato forces wouldn't have dared attack on our sacred soil time and again, had our leadership at the helm been courageous, undaunted and honest. The outrageous and flagrant violation of our northern border, fencing Afghanistan, and unprovoked, unilateral and arbitrary air attacks by the wanton Nato airforces on our armed forces' pickets deployed alongside Pak, Afghan border, are simply barbaric, outrageous and horrendous which also lay bare the chinks in our khaki and civil leadership's armour thanks to their wanton vested interests and unrestrained lust to stay in power. Our current ruling elite comprising mainly of Mafias have been playing havoc with all of the strategic state institutions of Pakistan. This unscrupulous leadership has all along been foot-dragging on national issues. One such glaring example is that, the military and political leadership have all along been denying having offered the "Shamsi Air Base" to the US-led Nato airforce, but in the wake of the Nato attack on our pickets our khaki and civil leadership is demanding the Shamsi Air Base to be vacated within 15 days. Isn't it a cruel joke and travesty of facts to have hitherto been denying the reports about the occupation of Shamsi Air base by American led Nato airforce. These contradictions and dichotomy of our actions has led us to this point of humiliation at the hands of our foreign masters. It's hence our this corrupt and deceitful ruling elite which is the deadliest enemy of Pakistan, busy looting and plundering whatever is left of this godforsaken land of the pure. This ruling elite, that appears to be American CIA sponsored (thanks to the infamous NRO), is trifling with the emotions of patriotic Pakistanis by just coming up with a stifling condemnation of the unwarranted air attack by Nato airforce helicopters on our pickets out posted at Slala, Mohmand Agency on the night between Friday and Saturday, Nov 25, 2011. For how long shall our rulers continue selling the precious blood of our brothers and sisters, being drone attacked every now and then, just in return for some measly bucks. Our rulers are the real culprits who, in cahoots with their American masters are hell bent to strip Pakistan of its security, sovereignty and dignity. RANA TANVEER AHMAD KHAN, Sheikhupura, November 28.