ISLAMABAD/ LAHORE The government on Monday ordered a probe by a parliamentary committee into the memo controversy, but the decision was not taken well by the opposition parties, mainly the PML-N, which sea it as an attempt to derail their demand for a judicial probe. The memo was allegedly written to the former American Admiral Mike Mullen by an American national Mansoor Ijaz, who claimed that he wrote it at the asking of former Pakistan Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani. Haqqani, who resigned from his post over the issue, has denied the allegation. The decision of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to refer the matter to Parliamentary Committee on National Security was confirmed by an order issued by the PMs Secretariat here that read: It has been desired that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security may conduct a probe on the subject issue. The order says, the terms of the reference are to probe into the memo purportedly written and sent by Mansoor Ijaz, and to give consequential recommendations on the subject. The PM Secretariat has already written to National Assembly Secretariat, Cabinet Secretary and Secretary Law and Justice to ensure implementation of the order. But the opposition parties were expecting establishment of some high-profile investigation body comprising experts on cyber crimes and other technical people who have acquaintance of such affairs. Expressing their serious reservations on it, sources in PML-N informed The Nation that they mainly wanted constitution of probe body comprising technical people under the supervision of the apex judiciary and they were surprised the way the prime minister causally referred the matter to the parliamentary body. It was in this backdrop that PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif had moved the apex court on the matter without waiting for the governments inquiry decision as he was already anticipating such a non-serious response to the matter concerning the national security. The sources in the government said that decision was not taken in isolation and all the key stakeholders and coalition partners were taken onboard. But PML-N sources maintained that the party leadership suspected that decision to refer the issue to parliamentary committee was mainly to put it in the loop and finally to hush it up. PML-N leaders, who preferred not to be named, told The Nation that the government had itself made mockery of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security by dumping all the major and unanimous decision it had taken unanimously regarding the national security and this time too they would not be expecting any plausible outcome from the memo controversy. It is pertinent to mention here that Parliamentary Committee on National Security had already taken up this matter on the letter of PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar when he drew the attention of the chairman of the committee to this very important issue relating to the national security. Responding quickly to the letter Chairman of the committee Senator Mian Raza Rabbani had called the meeting of the committee on November 25 and it was decided in the meeting that the committee would take detailed briefing on the subject from Secretary Defence and Secretary Foreign Affairs for which the date would be finalised soon. Chairman of the committee Senator Raza Rabbani was to proceed to London to attend some conference in the first week of December but he had put off his proposed visit keeping in view the urgency of the matter. The sources in PML-N informed The Nation that they would not let the issue brushed under the carpet as planned by the ruling alliance and would take the whole saga to its logical conclusion and would unmask the real faces behind the controversy as the resignation by Hussain Haqqani from the ambassadorship would not be enough and the matter should be thoroughly probed by the experts to bring the whole truth before the nation. Talking to The Nation, PML-N Deputy Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal stated that the memo issue is quite serious but given the fact the government in the past did not give due importance to the recommendations of the National Security Committee as it appears the memo issue is once again being dumped into the back-burner. Ahsan Iqbal says his party was concerned at the yet not implemented recommendations made by National Security Committee in 2009 on the war against terror and no different treatment is expected from the government on the future recommendations. Expressing his dissatisfaction with the Prime Ministers move, he said a commission should have been set up to probe the matter since the commission goes by terms of reference, and acts within a time-frame to conclude the inquiry in 5 to 10 days and delivers binding recommendations which he stated were not likely to come through the Parliamentary Committee as such referring this vital issue to the committee amounts to throwing it into the cold-storage. He said Parliamentary Committees have huge value but the present government has undermined its authority by defying implementation of their recommendations which was regrettable. PML-N Senator Pervez Rashid has said that regardless of the fact the government has sent the matter to the National Security Committee, the party focus will remain on the Supreme Court where it has moved a petition for inquiry into this highly serious matter. He said the PML-N had one of the demands that the government should convene a joint session of the Parliament to debate the matter and reveal the truth to further decide on what action merits on the charges against Hussain Haqqani and who others had a role in the matter. But our demand has not been met but matter has been handed over to the Committee, he said. Pervez Rashid passed no comments and expressed ignorance to a question on a report that Makhdoom Shah MahmoodQureshi during his meeting with the PML-N leadership on November 22nd, had laid the condition of giving him six MNA seats and the Foreign Ministry to join this party. Extending his best wishes to Qureshi in PTI which he joined on Sunday in Ghotki, Pervez Rashid said they are not at all grim due to Qureshis joining the PTI as he was not a member of PML-N which had been successfully giving performance over the last 25 years. To a question that PML-N had offered Qureshi to join the party, he said the party offers joining to many leaders and wished that Qureshi could succeed in meeting the objectives for which he has joined the PTI. To another question, he said no qualitative improvement is likely to come in the politics after Qureshis joining the PTI and his joining was not a loss of the PML-N as he was not a part of this party.