If there is a world championship in the events other than sports our present government would be the gold medalists in the game of 'taking somersaults. Never before there have been so many 'turn about in policies, rulings, statements and opinions on important national issues as during the present regime. Our leaders including the high ups say some thing on a day and go back on their words the next day not realising that credibility is one of the most important ingredients of ones personality. Recalling the Supreme Courts decision of December 16, 2009 on NRO I remember Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani announcing in equivocal terms that 'all decisions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan will be implemented in their right and spirit. Surprisingly the action was 'defiance instead of implementation. The manner in which Mr. Babar Awan pleaded the governments case during the review petition of NRO shocked the whole nation. His statement that 'NRO was not an agreement between two persons rather it was an authentic law was atrocious. He also gave a hint that the federation may bring a new NRO if needed, also mentioning that the President has the powers to do so under article 89 of the constitution. All those who support the present government for another term of office may please note that the present leaders are neither keen to eliminate crime from the country nor have a desire to put the country on the path of prosperity by recovering billions of rupees misappropriated by those affected by the NRO. They rather want to pardon those who have committed crimes and embezzlement of money during the present regime by promulgating another NRO. This is not the way of governing a country. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, November 27.