Faisal Kapadia Pakistan is the most unfathomable country in the world. We are constantly begging for money from the worlds more affluent nations, but go to a Pakistani wedding and it seems like we are still living in the age of Mughal power or at least pretending to. 'Tis the season to be jolly in Pakistan right now, or the season of weddings, or the season of grumbling, depending on which side of the financial bridge you live on. There are those who spend on weddings like they have money to burn, from hiring wedding planners to flying in people from other parts of the world, to 'DJ at their sons or daughters mehndi; and there are those who can just gaze and cry because they cant even guarantee their next days meal. There is, of course, the argument of the money being spent on weddings going through planners to labourers pockets, as it goes into an industry. However, I believe that the same money can go directly into the labourers pockets as well in the way of, perhaps, building community housing or community hospitals, or other such things that we dont seem to need at all in this country. That is, of course, as people say the governments job; our job as the well-to-do class is only to sit and burn money and then say how bad the system in Pakistan is. Let me illustrate further, the nation who we ask the most for aid usually has an average of 100-200 guests at their weddings and two events at most. We, however, deem it necessary to have a minimum of 500 guests and more than eight events ranging from dholkis to mehndis, to the ever horrible rangs (read wanna be holis), to mehfils for milad and then mehfils for ghazals (read boozing while swaying to random qawalis), and we do it all without batting an eyelid as we sit in these events and talk on how the country is being looted and how the flood-affected were never helped properly and so on. Those who think that all of this does not matter, as people with money will spend it anyway, need to speak to people who cannot afford it but are forced to. They are forced because those that have it have set the bar so high that even the people in their own social strata feel pressurised to meet this standard or become the laughing stock of their community. So, it is not only the have-nots who are suffering, as lets face it we dont give a damn about them anyways, but also people who have to sometimes sell all they have just to have a respectable wedding. So here we stand with a begging bowl in hand as a nation, but Blahniks on our feet. Complaining about the injustices of our politicians for wasting our national resources, but in a rush to meet our designers given appointment for a jora which is going to cost about 20 times our nations average monthly income because we have to What will people say if we have a simple wedding, how can we have just a nikah and simple walima, and why should we give more to charity then to the dance instructor we have hired. We cannot do all this and not live up to what the world calls uscan we? The writer is a freelance columnist. Email: Faiskap666@gmail.com