BAJAUR AGENCY - Army Sector Commander North Brig Haider has said that maintaining of peace in the area and provision of basic and modern civic facilities to tribesmen are the top priorities of security forces and all possible means are being used for the purpose.

He was speaking at a ceremony to inaugurate month-long cleaning drive here at Khar on Thursday. A large number of tribal elders, political and religious leaders, social activists, traders, students, Commandant Bajaur Scouts, Political Agent Syed Abdul Jabar Shah and senior officials of the security forces and the local administration attended the ceremony aimed at making the agency beautiful.

Pak army sector commander said the security forces were committed to provide basic and modern facilities to the people of militancy-hit areas of agency and extraordinary efforts had been initiated in this regard.

He said peace had been restored and writ of the government established in the whole area after the successful operation by the security forces against militants in the agency.

He appreciated the tribesmen and personnel of Bajaur Levies for their outstanding efforts in restoration of peace in the agency.

He asked the elders to continue their support to the government in maintaining law and order in the agency as peace was vital for the development of the region.

On the occasion, he formally inaugurated the month-long cleaning drive in the agency aimed at making efforts for the facelift of Bajaur Agency. Bajaur Agency political agent Syed Abdul Jabar Shah also spoke on the occasion.

The political agent highlighted the importance of month-long cleaning drive in the agency being launched by the local administration in collaboration with the security forces. He said the administration was determined to make the agency beautiful as Bajaur was famous for its beauty and flowers.

He urged the participants to make efforts for promoting trends of cleanliness among the people of the agency.

He asked traders to keep clean its bazaars and surrounding areas because clean enlivenment was important for a healthy society.

He called upon the shopkeepers to keep clean their shops and bazaars and hire services of sweepers in all trade centers on permanent basis. He advised officials of the administration and representatives of traders’ community to keep watch over the cleaning situation at trade centres.