ISLAMABAD  - The European Union has showcased the EU funded interventions in Pakistan that are working to improve the skills of poor people and help them find employment.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dirk Meganck, Director for Asia in the Directorate General of the European Commission responsible for Development Cooperation (EuropeAid) here on Thursday.

Speaking to a high-level audience, including EU Heads of Missions, UN agencies, government and civil society, Meganck emphasized that in Europe, as in Pakistan, there is growing recognition that technical and vocational skills are critical to "help people find meaningful jobs, stimulate economic activity and increase the country's competitiveness".

Meganck congratulated the projects showcased at the exhibition, which are working all over Pakistan - from remote impoverished villages to bustling cities - to help in particular young people achieve accredited certification in a whole range of trades and industries.

"Projections show that by 2050 Pakistan's, working age population will be twice the size it is today, which is why its, critical, for country's stability that young people are provided with employable skills suited' to the needs-of the modem economy", he added, Pakistan's, people are its greatest asset and the demographic dividend can produce a virtuous cycle of growth.  The EU, which is the second largest provider of development aid in the world, decided in 2011 that it would devote much of this aid to help reduce poverty, the Director explained, because "fighting poverty is key to 'ensuring a more stable and prosperous world".