LAHORE - The Forman Journalism Society of the Mass Communication Department, FC College, Lahore organised an intra-college short film and documentary contest at its Science Auditorium on Thursday.

Nine short films and documentaries, shortlisted after an initial review, were showcased in the competition titled 'Short Shorts'. Ali Tahir, the renowned actor and director, adjudicated the contest.

"The Lifestyle of dwarfs" was judged the best documentary. It reflected on the social stigmas people attach to the height-impaired people. The documentary, made by students Shiza Saeed, Sana Tariq and Hamza Qaiser among other group members, allowed the audience a peep into the feelings of dwarfs that as a member of society they also like to have a fulsome, respectable life.

In the short films category, "Stranger" by Saud Javed was declared the best. The film revolved around the theme of "what goes around comes around".

In his remarks, FCC Vice Rector Dr Sufian Aslam said that it is the need of the hour that the communication students fill the vacuum in the field of films and documentaries. He also dilated on the value of learning through visuals.

FCC Mass Communication Chairperson Prof Dr Mian Ahmed Hanan said that the short film contest provided the amateur, student filmmakers to have their work acknowledged. About the showcased films, he said that the students came up with very creative ideas and did a remarkable job in the face of technical limitations. He said the future of film-making could be bright in Pakistan if the job is not solely left to the film industry itself. He said the universities too could make a great difference by promoting film-making as a separate, specialised discipline along with its entire technical wherewithal.

Actor and Director Ali Tahir said it was his pleasure to be among the students of media and to review their work. "The field (of documentaries and short films) has grown tremendously over the past decade, and it's quite encouraging to see such wonderful talent emerging," he said.

"The work I saw today was mostly interesting. The approach towards film-making showed a lot of promise and commitment."  Speaking about her experience, Bakhtawar Rasool, a member of the audience, said it was a wonderful event. "The videos presented were outstanding."

The event organisers said that the event was part of the efforts to encourage and motivate aspiring, young film-making talent.