LAHORE - The National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC) has issued monthly production and offtake numbers of the fertilizer industry. As per latest data, total fertilizer industry production has increased by a sharp 15%YoY to 5.44m tons in 10CY13 as against the total production of 4.72m tons in 10MCY12.

Total industry offtake witnessed a massively rise of 17%YoY to 6.55m tons as against the total offtake of 5.60m tons in same period of last year.  Total imports of the fertilizer products witnessed a substantial decline of 38%YoY to 1.10m tons in 10MCY13 as against the total imports of 1.77m tons in the same period last year.

Total urea production in 10MCY13 has reached 3.99m tons, posting an upsurge of 16%YoY as against the total urea production of 3.42m tons. Engro Fertilizer recorded highest ever monthly production of 171.56k tons in the month October. Total urea offtake in 10MCY13 increase by 18%YoY to 4.67m tons as against the total urea offtake of 3.96m tons. Total urea imports declined by 56%YoY to 0.57m tons in 10MCY13 as against the total urea imports of 1.31m tons. Total DAP offtake has increased by 28%YoY in 10MCY13 to 1.05m tons as against the offtake of 0.82m tons in 10CY12. FFBL recorded highest DAP production of 119.71k tons during the month of October.

Sources in the fertilizer sector suggest that total urea sales in Nov 2013 are likely to be around 480k tons, up approximately 47% from 327k tons sold in the same month last year. However, in comparison with Oct 2013, sales are likely to be flat.

Total urea offtake for 11-months (Jan-Nov) 2013, hence, has reached the level of 5.1mn tons as against 4.2mn tons in the same period last year, depicting an increase of 21% Furthermore, sales of locally manufactured urea are likely to be around 4.3mn tons up 32%YoY. The mentioned growth in local sales is on the back of favorable agricultural environment and increased urea production.