ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that Islamabad would find an opportunity to complete the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project within a year.

Talking to a private news channel on Thursday, the minister said, "I think trade restrictions will be lifted on Iran following the agreement between Iran and world powers." He said Pakistan has intensified its efforts to materialise the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project.

Abbasi said that the present situation seemed appropriate for carrying out the proposed Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, following a deal on Tehran's nuclear programme. The minister added that he is scheduled to hold a meeting with his Iranian counterpart next month.

Prominent economist Iqbal Hamid Khan also said that the Iran-Pakistan pipeline has become more significant in the present scenario. He said that pipeline project could only be pursued if sanctions against Iran were lifted.

He said that the price at which Iran is going to sell gas to Pakistan is a little high, but the electricity generated from imported gas would help resolve shortage of electricity, besides reducing power tariff.

Iqbal Hamid Khan said that two-year period is required for completion of the project if work on it is started right now, inside Pakistan.