DERA GHAZI KHAN: In order to increase loadshedding in Dera Ghazi Khan, Mepco authorities have declared eight domestic feeders as commercial.

The consumers said that the Dera circle had introduced a strange and allegedly illegal way to increase loadshedding in the domestic areas. They said that the decision had been taken to minimise line losses occur due to power theft.

As per the data available to this scribe, total number of connections in the eight feeders of the first and second subdivision is 48,890 which include 7,403 commercial connections. In the College Road feeder of the first subdivision, the total number of connections is 6,636 include 5,593 domestic, 1,022 commercial and 21 industrial and agricultural connections. The ratio of the commercial connections stands at 15.60 percent.

Similarly, the total number of commercial connections in Khayabane Sarwar feeder is 609, 15.02 percent of a total 4,553 connections, that include 3,868 domestic and 76 industrial as well as agricultural ones.

The total number of the connections in the DHQ feeder also known as hospital feeder is 6,979 that include 5,208 domestic 1,641 commercial and 380 industrial connections. The percentage of commercial connections here stands at 24.04. The number of commercial connections at New College Road feeder is 774, 10.05 percent of total 8,335 connections.

In the Model Town feeder, 287 are commercial connections, 4,398 domestic and 25 others out of total 4,710. The Sadder Bazaar feeder comprises 671 commercial, 3,706 domestic and 23 others connections while at Civil Lines feeder, out of total 6,618 connections, the number of the domestic connections is 4,385.–Reporter