LAHORE - City authorities on Friday claimed to have confiscated 850kg dead meat and nicked two shopkeepers, involved in the heinous crime.

According to a government spokesman, the authorities concerned raided Tollinton Market and confiscated dead meat of chicken, besides taking two sellers in custody.

Tollinton Market - City’s biggest wholesale chicken market - is the hub of this illegal and horrific business. These vendors at Tollinton Market are selling dead chicken to hotels and food outlets and citizens are made to eat dead meat which is forbidden (Haram) in Islam.

Stink and heaps of garbage are also one of the main features of Market. Over 300 truckloads of chicken arrive in the market everyday and 20 to 30 chickens are found dead in each truck on average. According to a rough calculation, over 1,000 processed dead chickens are sold to hotels, restaurants, food outlets, bakeries and public.

Majority of shops, established along the drain behind the Tollinton market, are involved in this ugly practice. These chicken vendors have set up small water tubs. They pour boiling water in these tubs and then cut the neck of dead chickens and dip them in boiling water. Hot water enters the body of dead chickens and oozes out with blood. Later, feathers and skin are removed.

Police late on Thursday night also stormed the camps of butchers protesting at the Mall and arrested dozens of them. For a last couple of days, dozens of butchers were holding a sit-in outside the Punjab Assembly building against the government’s new policy for slaughtering animals.

Police have also registered cases against the protesters and further investigations are underway. The sources said that the butchers’ sit-in caused traffic mess at the leading road.