Rawalpindi - President Awami Muslim League, MNA Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, has said that come what may, the AML workers and people of Rawalpindi would proceed towards Islamabad to participate in PTI public rally tomorrow (Sunday).

He said that the party workers and people would stage sit-in if the law enforcement agencies tried to create hurdles in their way to Islamabad. “The government should avoid using negative tactics to stop people from participating in PTI rally,” Ahmed said on Friday while addressing party workers’ meeting held at Lal Haveli to review arrangements made for November 30 PTI show of power.

He said that the government shelved the plan of constructing Leh Expressway to pocket kickbacks. “The estimated cost of Leh Expressway was Rs 14 billion but PML-N preferred to launch metro bus service with cost of Rs 50 billion to receive bribe,” he alleged.

Commenting on the government’s claim to implicate him in a case, the AML president said that he had not committed any crime while delivering a speech in PTI rally for which the government was contemplating to punish him. “If somebody harms me then Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif will be responsible for this,” he added.

Responding to the allegations levelled against him by Chairman Evacuee Department and PML-N stalwart Siddique-ul-Farooq, Ahmed said that the chairman was misguiding media regarding Lal Hvaeli. He said that covered area of Lal Haveli was of 5 marlas in D-158 and it was owned by his brother Sheikh Siddique.

He said that there were 15 other tenants residing in the locality. “We have got a kitchen and some part of C-29 temple on lease and have been paying its rent for the last 25 years,” he asserted.

He added, “We have also cleared the dues of Rs 146,000 and the authorities concerned should transfer rent-control in our name.”