Islamabad - Beaconhouse School System has successfully introduced International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in twin cities. Becoming an IB school is a rigorous quality conscious conduit comprising candidacy and authorisation stages, says a press issued on Friday. Beaconhouse Educational Complex (BEC) is already a candidate school pursuing the plan to get authorisation.

 As a part of familiarising all stakeholders in the process of introducing this programme which would run parallel to the A Level programme, an orientation programme was held largely attended by the prospective students and parents.

Nazia Adeel, Diploma Programme Manager (DPC), introduced the programme design, its objectives and acceptance rate in the national and international universities.

Nassir Kassuri, Executive Director Northern Region, was also present on the occasion and highlighted the BSS’ educational mission of providing high end quality education. He also pointed out the rigorous process involved to hire the highly qualified team of administration and teachers who underwent foreign training for the professional development purposes. Kassuri also highlighted the unique curriculum requirements of the Diploma Programme and how it would contribute to the development of the country at large.