ISLAMABAD - Fish preservation is a very important aspect of the fisheries and a positive step toward achieving a goal of food security in the country. The fish farms or other fish capturing sites in the country are located far off from the market place and there is chance of fish decomposition and the uncertainties of their sale in market said Muhammad Junaid Wattoo Secretary Fisheries Development Board.

He said that when fish are caught in numbers, greater than the amount of consumption, their preservation becomes a necessity for their future use. So in that connection government has taken a positive step in building a fish processing and training centre at the premises of national agriculture research centre.

Federal Minister for Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan inaugurated fish processing and training center of Fisheries Development Board here at NARC, Islamabad.

Sikandar Hayat Bosan said that it was right step taken by PARC and Fisheries Development Board in fisheries sector of the country especially in promotion of innovative technologies to solve problems of the industry. He said that though it’s a   small step but in the right direction and it will transform the outlook of the aquaculture sector of the country in the near future.

He said that fish processing facility will provide the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad hygienically processed fresh fish and it will also serve as a training centre to produce skilled manpower for the fish processing industry of the country.

Bosan further said that to cater the food need of Pakistani populous the country is in a dire need for innovative changes leading to new technologies that improve efficiency and sustainability and better management practices for more control over diverse production systems in every food producing sector.

In his concluding remarks Bosan said that in fisheries sector, country needs more selective-breeding programmes and development of lines resistant to specific pathogens for better performance, as well as improved health management, disease detection and disease prevention to achieve higher production.

The newly built fish processing centre has a cold chain for fish from production to consumption, State of the art machines for fish de-scaling, de-heading, de-skinning and vacuum packing apart from chill room and cold store. The facility will process about one ton fish per day especially tilapia and carp fish species.