Seems like being a responsible citizen of the country and working towards the betterment of the people isn't always the best policy. Polio workers, whose lives are threatened by an unknown enemy, leave their houses every day, scared and harassed. They live with the fear of not knowing whether they will live through the day or not. Innocent Polio volunteers are being targeted and killed in broad daylight and no one wants to take responsibility. Eradication of Polio in Pakistan is extremely vital for the growth of the country and it's disappointing to see how the government does not take this issue seriously.

The government needs to remind themselves why they were elected, as safeguarding lives should be their first priority, in which they have failed miserably. Polio workers are working hard to rid Pakistan of this dreadful disease, and they should be provided security, rather than much ‘loved and elected’ MPA’ and MNA,’ who do nothing for the nation. Ironically, doing good in this country is more difficult than doing bad. Once accountability is restored, a lot of our problems will be solved.


Karachi, November 27.