The Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) continued unprovoked firing on bordering villages in Charwah Sector of Sialkot Working Boundary intermittently the whole of the last night (night between Thursday and Friday).

According to senior officials of the Chenab Rangers, Indian BSF targeted the civilian population and fired several heavy mortar shells. The Chenab Rangers responded in a befitting manner, making the Indian guns silent.

On the other hand, wheat sowing remained suspended in most of the bordering villages due to Indian firing.

No loss of life or injury was reported, the rangers officials confirmed.

DLO POSTING: The post of District Labour Officer has been lying vacant for the last five consecutive months here due to which all the related departmental matters have been affected, especially the problems of the local labourers, industrial workers and industrial units have been lingering on.

Local labour unions have expressed grave concern over the situation and have urged the Punjab government to ensure early posting of Labour officer.