HAVELIAN- Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif today, announced huge reduction in the prices of POL products to be effective from December 1, 2014 Monday. Addressing a big public meeting the PM announced reduction of Rs 9.66 per liter in the price of super petrol, Rs 10.18 in High Octane, Rs 4.34 in Kerosene, Rs 7.12 in HSD and Rs 5.39 in light diesel oil. Amidst loud cheers Nawaz Sharif said petrol would be available at 84.53, HOBC at Rs 106.27, HSD at Rs 94.09 and Light Diesel Oil at Rs 77.98. He asked the Chief Ministers and provincial governments to ensure, that the impact of reduction in oil prices is passed on to the common man, in terms of prices of food items as the transportation cost would go down. He said the transport fares should also be substantially reduced, hoping that it would break the back of price hike.  Sending out a message to the farmers, the Prime Minister said that through the reduction of oil prices their cost of production would also come down as they would be able to run their tube wells and tractors at low cost fuel. The Prime Minister said, a notification for reduction in oil prices would be issued tomorrow and would be effective from December 1, 2014.