ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information Senator Pervaiz Rashid coming down hard on PTI Chairman Imran Khan, termed him an absentee feudal lord who never bothers to visit his agricultural  lands and see, what he claimed, the pathetic condition of the workers there.

“Imran Khan’s workers have never seen him in person,” said the minister while addressing a press conference here Friday.

On the occasion, a video was shown about the plight of persons working on the agriculture lands of Imran Khan.

Pointing to the video, Rashid said that Khan’s branded shoes were are more costly than the clothes wore by the workers on his lands. He said in the Bani Gala palace Imran lives alone, but its average monthly electricity bill is about Rs. 80,000.

He said that Khan has paid only Rs 100,000 tax contrary to his imperial lifestyle as he travels in private jet and helicopters, and bulletproof cars.

He paid millions of rupees to DJ Butt and has been accusing Sharif family of paying minimal taxes, but as per record he himself was a tax defaulter of over Rs 500,000. He said that since 2005 Sharif family has paid Rs 2,447,070,543 as tax. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after his return from forced exile in 2007 paid Rs 32,352,664 in the form of income and agricultural taxes out of which Rs 6,674,173 is agricultural tax.

The minister said three members of Nawaz Sharif family live in Pakistan including Begum Kulsoom Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz and have paid Rs. 546,524,005 tax.

Talking about the latest tax details, he said the PM has paid 2,695,912 as income tax and Rs 2,042,823 as agriculture tax. On the other hand, Khan paid only Rs 194,936 as income tax despite showing over 2,300,000 agricultural income.

The minister pointed out that Khan had not paid a single penny of agriculture tax, rather he has defaulted an amount worth over Rs. 500,000 due as agriculture tax.

The Minister said Imran Khan in his tax returns has shown that he has Rs 13,600,000 as cash in hand. The minister said that in modern days people use credit and debit cards and nobody can believe that Imran himself goes to market for purchasing daily use items and fill the tanks of his luxury cars.

“It is generally believed that such a big amount as cash in hand is  normally black money,” the minister said adding that some people have such big amount as cash in hand who make purchases of prohibited items.

The minister said that Imran has also shown in his returns that he has earned Rs 8,445,430 as return for services provided abroad. He said that it did

not suit a political figure of his stature to work for foreign people, rather than working for Pakistanis. He said that Imran will have to disclose as to what services he provided abroad to whom and at what time?

Pervaiz Rashid said he had the fear that Imran might be working for international oil mafia as he “sabotaged Chinese President’s visit to Pakistan who was to sign contracts for several cheap power projects. Moreover, now he was opposing the installation of coal-based energy plants.”