WASHINGTON - A man who opened fire on several buildings in Austin, Texas early Friday was shot and killed by police, news media reported. Jesse Van Wallene, 29, said he himself stopped at a red light and found himself just feet from the shooter. “We saw this guy in full riot gear,” Van Wallene told NBC News. “He looked like a police officer because he had the equipment. He had a large gun in his hand.” Van Wallene said the gunman shot at a building opposite the police headquarters. Another witness, Hans Paap, who lives in a building near the police department, said he was awakened by the sound of gunfire at about 2:30 am (0830 GMT).

 “I woke up to a burst of gunfire, heard a second round and then got to the window and saw a third round,” he said. “You could see the muzzle flashes.” He said it was not clear if it was the suspect or the police shooting.