Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Secretary general Liaqat Baloch has demanded the government to appoint Chief Election Commissioner and introduce electoral reforms forthwith.

Addressing a news conference here on Friday, he further asked the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take quick action on both aforementioned issues. He said that the status quo should go and not any personality. “It’s the only way to bring about a sustainable change,” he added. He disclosed that the JI would hold a big public meeting at the shrine of Quaid-e-Azam on December 25 and mass contact drive had been launched for this purpose.

To a query, he said that the central leaders of PTI including Imran Khan had visited Mansoora to invited JI to join in November 30 activity. “The JI leadership will announce its decision today after consultation,” he added.

Commenting on prevailing political crisis, he said that the problem still existed and the JI believed that the only solution to this problem lied in talks. He regretted that the prevailing political crisis destroyed national economy and reduced public’s purchasing power to zero.

Referring to the SAARC Conference, he said that all the important issues being faced by the region were neglected during the conference. He maintained that burning issues like end of American intervention in the region, murder of justice in Bangla Desh and liberation of Kashmir were not discussed during the conference, though it was obligation of Nawaz Sharif and other leaders to raise these issues during the conference. He said that the SAARC countries could not become economic powers by announcing mere joint markets.

He pointed out that the prices of petroleum further plunged in international market, claiming that the petrol price in Pakistan could go further down by Rs27 if the government eliminated unjust taxes. “It will help ease energy crisis in the country too,” he added. He accused the government of encouraging imports and discouraging exports, saying it ruined national exchequer and economy.

He said that the Ijtama-e-Aam was a historic event and it helped motivate the public to achieve the goals of Pakistan movement. He hoped that the passion created by the Ijtama would help shun sectarian, lingual and regional differences. He said that the country was faced with multiple serious issues, adding that all resources of the country were under clutches of few people. He categorically declared that army could not steer the country and nation out of crisis, claiming only JI had the ability to lead the country towards progress and prosperity because it possessed highly eligible leadership.