LAHORE (PR): The University of Central Punjab held its 16th convocation on Friday at Expo Center in a graceful ceremony.

Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar also joined the guests of honour: Dr Samar Mubarakmand and Caven Mclaven. A total of 804 young men and women received their degrees, while the governor awarded the degrees to the position holders. Chairman Board of Governors UCP Mian Amir was also present on the occasion.

In his address, Dr Samar stressed upon the need to use modern technology to accelerate industrial growth. “Although Pakistan is an agrarian economy but need of the day is to shift to the industrial sector,” he added.

He said that Pakistan was full of natural resources but the challenge was to exploit them efficiently. He added that we should try to produce cheap power from our own indigenous fossil foods. “Power generation from coal is expensive and hazardous for environment. But underground coal gasification is the only way whereby cheap electricity can be generated causing no harm to environment,” the Nuclear physicist said.

Governor Ch Sarwar, in his address, congratulated the parents and students for such achievements. He advised the students to always seek their parents’ blessings in their practical lives. He recalled that his parents wanted him to be a doctor but he could not fulfill their dreams. “But at a later stage, I was given honorary doctorate degree by University of Scotland for my community services,” he said happily.

Sarwar further said that education was the key to eradicate poverty and make Pakistan a peaceful country. Social, religious and political intolerance must be avoided for a peaceful Pakistan, he advised.