LAHORE - What will happen on November 30 is a difficult question to answer despite the speculations concerning international powers’ role to convince Imran Khan to avoid confrontation and intelligence agencies’ assessments that PTI may not be able to stage a powerful show and that ‘tsunami’ should be given a free hand to make it run out of steam.

A close aide of Imran Khan when asked on Friday about the speculations made in a section of the press about some kind of the US and Chinese role to convince the PTI chief for brokering a deal between Imran and the government, said, “I am only aware of the talks of the US ambassador’s meeting with Imran Khan . The US ambassador was only curious to know about the PTI plans on November 30; he neither offered his services for reaching some kind of settlement with the government nor did he convey any message on behalf of his government. I can say it with certainty that the Chinese envoy had discussed similar issues with the PTI chairman.”

The close aide of Imran Khan who held important foreign office assignments also said, “It is a routine of international powers’ emissaries to assess the possible outcome of any major development in the country to inform their respective governments of policy matters.”

He remarked: “PTI or its chairman can be condemned only if we change our course relating to campaign against the poll rigging and reformation of the electoral system.”

Meanwhile, the political parties which have been extended invitations by the PTI leadership for participation in the re-launch of Azadi drive on November 30 have not confirmed their availability to join the PTI show in the federal capital. Senior PTI leaders, when contacted to comment on the matter, either declined to say a word or restricted to the remarks that there was still some time in the event.

The PTI leadership has extended invitations to Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Sunni Ittehad Council, Jamaat-e-Islami and Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen. None of these parties has confirmed participation in the PTI show.

Interestingly, some groups of professional gamblers have planned to bet on the November 30 show of the PTI as they do in cricket and football matches and now want to try their luck on the political strife between the PTI and the government.  The bets would be fixed on the fall of the government through snap polls and failure of Imran Khan in his re-launch of the Azadi drive.  Moreover, the PTI leadership is claiming that police are arresting their district and tehsil leaders who are the major lifeline of the party with regard to bringing a large number of supporters for the re-launch of Azadi campaign on November 30.