ISLAMABAD - Terming all government agencies incapacitated to dispense justice or help probe the rigging allegations, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) on Friday came up with its own investigation into the alleged election ‘fraud’ in which it revealed that extra ballot papers printed by private contractors were used to manipulate results of the last year's general elections.

Speaking at a news conference here at a local hotel, PTI chief Imran Khan , without naming any specific government department, asked justice dispensation agencies to punish all those involved in printing of extra ballot papers during 2013 general elections. He said that poll reforms could only move forward if the poll-riggers were punished. He said that he would announce a new strategy tomorrow.

Reflecting that he did not have any intention to relent, Imran said it is just the beginning of their protest. He said Plan-A was dharna, Plan-B is dharna plus rally, but Plan-C and D would be too much for the government to handle. He said it is good that the rulers have eventually started talking about tax, even though they have come up with mere allegations of tax fraud against him. He said those who come to power through 111-Brigade and those who form government through vote fraud are one and the same. Imran said how one could think that he wanted imposition of martial law.

PTI's investigation team that included MNA Dr Arif Alvi, Jahangir Khan Tareen, Saifullah Niazi and Ishaq Khan Khakwani presented their findings focusing mainly on the printing of extra ballot papers.

About NA-122, represented by National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, the PTI team said that over 120,000 additional ballots were printed to ensure the win of PML-N candidate against PTI candidate Imran Khan . The PTI said that during the investigation, it was found that thousands of extra ballot papers with serial numbers printed by private firms had been provided to 130 constituencies.

"This is the reason that PML-N that had got 7 million votes in 2008 clinched 130 million in 2013 despite its poor performance," Imran Khan said.

"We question the massive number of extra ballot papers. We ask the justice delivering agencies as to why commissioners of Lahore and Rawalpindi were asked two days ahead of polling day to provide technicians for printing of extra ballots," the PTI chief said.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has already explained the printing of additional ballots a month back citing reasons that private firms were hired for the purpose due to paucity of time.

On September 26, ECP Director General (Elections) Masood Malik had said that 34 experts from Urdu Bazaar and Lakshami Chowk in Lahore had been hired after a request was made by the provincial election commission to the Punjab government.

The ECP official had said the decision was warranted by a huge number of ballot papers and paucity of time. He, however, said the services of these 34 persons had been placed at the disposal of Printing Corporation of Pakistan (PCP) and the job was done by them at the PCP facility and not at any private printing press. "We have complete record of the persons hired from the private sector for the task," he added.

However, Imran Khan said that he had pointed out in August the “massive fraud” in elections.

On the other hand, an ECP official told The Nation that printing of extra ballot papers was not a crime but a cautious approach in case the required ballot papers are damaged during transportation. "What Imran Khan revealed today (Friday) has already been explained by the ECP," the official said.

However, Imran Khan accused former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, members of caretaker government and ECP for being involved in massive rigging in favour of PML-N in Punjab and PPP in Sindh.

He wondered all political parties had been complaining about election fraud, but nobody was raising voice for making the culprits accountable, regretting that the government agencies supposed to deliver justice had badly failed to take action against the accused. Mr Khan reiterated his demand of resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the pretext that the biggest beneficiary of election fraud was the premier himself so he should step down before impartial probe is initiated.