During my internship at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital I played with a kid, Awais, twice in a row and he quickly learned my name and became friend with me. On the second day when my time for playing with him was over, he did not want me to go. He told his mother in Pashto to tell me to stay. When I assured him that I will come the next day, he told me to give him my ID card so that I will have to come again and take it from him. It was very touching to see that.

The children over here are very active, they enjoy all the activities. Some of them are very positive about their health and some of the parents are also telling us that their recovery is going well and they are satisfied with the treatment.

The work that Shaukat Khanum is doing is truly inspiring and they should keep it up. They have been helping and saving thousands o lives from a disease that has been deemed fatal around the world and the care that they bestow upon the patients is truly refreshing. As we know that the 2nd Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital is going to be opened in Peshawar in December 2015, it will be blessing for the people of Peshawar and surrounding areas from the management of Shaukat Khanum . Our prayers are with SKMCH Peshawar to meet the success as Lahore SKMCH.

Best of luck Shaukat Khanum .


Lahore, November 28.