Faizan Javed  - This session, ‘Lahore Badlo Ya Lahore Bachao? Protecting Lahore for all’, was all about to highlight the projects which government is constructing and destroying historical places. The session was hosted by Aisha Amir Ahmed and the guests were Nayar Ali dada, Maryam Hussain, Imrana Tiwana, IA Rehman and Kamil khan Mumtaz.

In the session they criticized government projects including orange line and metro bus projects. Aisha Amir Ahmed said, the money spend on metro bus project if Government utilized that money they could have provide local buses in 36 distinct of Punjab. From 8, Sep, 2015 metro orange line project started no doubt it’s a huge project but my point is why we have to destroy our culture heritage places for the sake of such projects. These culture places are our history which should be kept safe and sound. The citizens are not against development and believe that a city like Lahore needs such projects. However, they want their sites saved.

They believe that these heritage sites are representative of their culture and should be preserved. All the construction that needs to be done should be away from these sites. “Nayar Ali dada said, The ongoing construction of the Orange Line Metro Train has galvanised activists of civil society and they are putting up an energetic and much needed resistance against the Punjab government’s hastiness and reckless planning of the rapid transit system that is set to put Four major heritage sites (Chauburji, Shalamar Gardens and the General Post Office (GPO) building, St. Andrews Church ) at critical risk.” “Imrana Tiwana said 80 percent people in Pakistan have no clean water why does the Government not focus on such issues. 8percent people own vehicle in city why we ignore that 80 percent people because of them. These people are also part of our country.

It is my dream in Punjab footpaths should be constructed. So that people should walk safely. My point is why these projects are constructing violence against the rules of law. According to the constitution every citizen in the city should have shelter they should focus on such projects also for the progress and prosperity of the nation. ”