Several experts and students of Political Science, Law and Public Policy and Good Governance are of the considered opinion that the Government and Governance, which are defined in different scholarly books and research papers, are not visible anywhere in Pakistan today but the only thing which is visible in the country it is corruption in all its forms and manifestations.

The Federal government’s figures show an increase in the economic growth, including Foreign Exchange Reserves and Investment but a vast majority of Pakistan’s poor are finding difficult to keep their life intact, the gap between the rich and poor is massively widening. They find difficult to have the benefits of the much –touted economic growth because salaried class people protest to low salaries, high prices, inflated utility bills, no proper jobs and social benefits.

If anyone has the opportunity to travel from Karachi to Federal Capital, Islamabad, he will fail to find government and governance anywhere, somewhat in Punjab and reported to be in KPK, but nowhere else. The rulers are either in hibernation or public sector organizations are being run and ruined by the corrupt to the core (re)rehired lot, which rulers consider indispensable, but highly quailed and competent lot deem them detrimental to governmental organizations and good governance but who cares in this country where people with dead conscience matter?


Islamabad, November 14.