Since Pakistan’s very inception we have made several policies but when it comes to the implementation of these polices the common answer is almost always “No”. Every government either civil or military, commences with its policies but they are not continued by the next government. This always remains the question? I am much amused at what we do, what we are we still doing. The nations who followed our plans in late sixties are now much more prosperous than us. Now we need robust and aggressive network of the intellectuals to implement various policies. We are working with the same railway network lain by British.

PIA state owned national flag carrier having the slogan ‘’great people to fly with us’’ started in its operations in 1955. Now it has become a heavy burden on the economy. It loses Rs.100 million daily. Pakistan Steel Mills is the mother of all industries with no exception. For industries we need electricity either LSM or SME. Electricity short fall is beyond the 6000MW, but it varies in winter and summer. Now we have an ample opportunity in the form of CPEC. A huge investment of $51 billion with a major chunk of $38 billion to specialise in energy related projects and the rest of the investment goes into infrastructure. We have since long been a victim of state terrorism. Although we are facing aggressive neighbours such as India and Afghanistan.

We have to be sincere about the security of CPEC, otherwise it will not pay us as what we are expecting and we will again be forced into taking loans from the International Financial Institutions. We are also confronting an uprising in Baluchistan. I think this can only be solved through reassurance of the local Baloch people. The state needs to focus on Baluchistan, sincerity must be the key factor regarding negotiations with the resource rich province. Our security concerns need to look critically towards the changing of the affairs of the region either by increasing Indo-Afghan partnership or an American tilt towards Iran and India.


Karachi, October 27.