Past five years have marked a significant difference in the multi-faceted land of Punjab. Cultural promotion has been a parallel stream of development alongside the infrastructural expansion, and Lahore has been its epicenter.

Lahore has always been the hub of cultural activities and has been a defining source of acceptance or defiance of visual arts in the Subcontinent.  This image of Lahore brings added responsibility of arranging sports and cultural activates on frequent bases which slackened in the past, but recently we have witnessed a momentous change in this regard.

Lahoris were deprived of international cricket, live concerts and large scale entertainment activities for years because of unstable national law and order situation. There was complete silence in this domain as a concert was seethed because of bomb scare resulting in casualties due to stampede, but the government of Punjab bounced back by standing up to the challenges and resolving all the issues which hampered the mental peace and avenues of entertainment for the people of Punjab. Lahore being the capital of the largest province full fill’s this need of more than 110 million people who frequently visit for their recreation.

Resolving the issues was a Himalayan task but has thrived with subsequent results. Autumn being a dwindling season, against its nature has blossomed every flower it has gladdened. This has esteemed entertainment railing culture in its elusive arms. 

It all started with the World XI coming to Pakistan leading to the Sri Lankan team’s visit, giving a stupendous image to the entire world of being a country free of terrorism and a nation full of love, peace and harmony.

As the effects trickle down things only get better, spice roles the tongue and taste buds tempt for more. This is what is exactly happened. Once the sporting event was over people wanted something more soft and surreal, so the entire scenario started picking momentum opening with Datchi. Long awaited event portraying the rich ethos of the Indus valley Civilization. Picking momentum, this lead to a mega event of the nation’s most well-known and well versed poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s death anniversary, the Faiz International Festival . This included all the elements of cultural representation. Greats from the field of literature, art and performing arts paid tribute to the legend. It was an enriching experience through the path of knowledge and enlightenment.

This entire epitome of autumn ended on a crescendo which couldn’t have been better and resulted as the icing on the cake. Lahoris who were craving for musical concerts since long finally got to have a Coke music concert having strings and the musical sensation Ali Sethi in front of them on a grand stage. The event sparkled the eyes of youth and gave them the trill and vibrance which they had missed for a long time.