15 people from Punjab have been killed ruthlessly in Kech district of Baluchistan near the border with Iran. This really is scaring event that shows the hate towards Punjabis among Balochis. Those who killed them are still unidentified but according to some media Bloch Liberation Front (BLF) claimed responsibility for this happening – the same organization backed by RAW and NDS.  

The fact is hatred towards Punjabis is gaining strength. Afghans and Indians are to be blamed later but I would mourn over the baloney of local sub-nationalists who preach hatred for Punjabis everyday in their local gatherings. It is time to get shut of this hate as every action has a reaction. Moreover, this hate has potential to lead Pakistan towards a civil war that it cannot bear. It is the responsibility of the sub-nationalist parties from Baluchistan to not promote hatred among Balochis against Punjabis. This issue is getting sensitive with the passage of everyday, and frankly speaking, the local politicians are making the matter severe. 

The number of Balochis is rising in Punjab; most of them are students. The heartening thing is that the government of Punjab and the people of the province are welcoming them and treating them like normal students, which is obligatory on them as we all are Pakistani. On the other side, Punjabis in Balochistan are considered aliens, which is quite saddening and alarming. I request the federal government of Pakistan and provincial government of Baluchistan to take the matter seriously and act accordingly before any other mishap comes into being. 


Lahore, November 16.