PESHAWAR - Various student federations staged a protest sit-in against an increase in the tuition and admission fees at Peshawar University here on Tuesday.

The protesting students also warned to boycott the classes if their demands were not fulfilled immediately. The protest demonstration was led by Chairman Muttahida Student Mahaz, Bilal Buneri, President Attif Dawar, General Secretary Islami Jamiat Tulba and leaders of Insaf Student Federation, Pakhtun Students Federation and People Students Federation. The protesters blocked the main entrance of the administration block and placed barriers.

To woo the student leaders, the university administration held dialogue with them but students were unsatisfied and they were of the view that they would not return until meeting the entire list of the demands.

Addressing on the occasion, Chairman Muttahida Student Mahaz, Bilal Buneri and Chairman Malaland Students society Waleed Khan said that the university administration has broken all the records of mismanagement and every year they are imposing their self-made rules on the poor students who could not afford extra financial burdens in the form of tuition and admission fees.

They said that in LLB’s evening shift, the administration collected fees of Rs85000 while 30 percent increase has been brought in fees structure of other departments including masters and BS system.

They said that the students would not tolerate these tactics of the university administration anymore and would continue their struggle for their legal demands. They said that despite the contribution of 60 percent funds by the HEC, the university administration charged the poor students in deferent pretexts.

They also criticized the administration for lack of sufficient accommodation and hostel facilities as students of far-flung areas were living outside the university where they were facing multifarious problems related to security and transport.

The University buses have been parked in open places and turned rusted but they were never used for the students’ conveyance and transportation. They also castigated the university administration for dropout system and said that students are dropped out in the middle of their study without any reason which was wasting their times and money.

They have purchased second-class weapons at exorbitant prices for the security personnel, which the university was recovering from the students.

The hostel bathrooms are in worst condition but there is no one to repair these bathrooms despite the hiring of trained staff on heavy salaries.

They said that it was impossible for the students to stay silent anymore and there were forced to take the streets against the university administration and vice chancellors. Later, the students came to the administration block along with blankets and sleeping bags in the evening to press the university administration for fulfilling their demands.