At least 4,000 Albanians are unable to return to their homes due to the damages caused by the devastating earthquake that hit the country on Tuesday, Defense Minister Olta Xhacka said here on Friday at a press conference.

Xhacka urged citizens across the country and mainly in the most affected regions of Tirana and Durres to call for assistance and let experts check their houses if they were damaged.

The death toll of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake on Richter scale that jolted Albania early Tuesday morning climbed to 49 people as searches continue in the port city of Durres, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said on Friday.

Speaking at the government meeting, Rama confirmed that the death toll of Tuesday's quake has increased to 49: 25 in Durres, 23 in Thumane and 1 in Lac.

The rescue searches are still underway at the hotel called Mira Mare in Durres.

A total of 1,260 people have been accommodated in hotels, schools gyms, tents and at relatives' homes in the region of Durres, Rama said.

In Thumane, a total of 500 people are sheltered in tents, but they will be transferred to hotels in the seaside city of Shengjin, the prime minister confirmed.

In light of the circumstances, the Albanian government announced the State of Emergency on Friday for the town of Lac.

"According to preliminary inspections, over 700 buildings in Durres region were damaged, among which 12 were completely destroyed. In Thumane, over 240 buildings were damaged, among which 15 were completely destroyed," Rama declared.

Meanwhile, according to the authorities, the number of people injured due to the earthquake rose to 900, of which 731 were given medical assistance at the hospital of Durres and Tirana.

Nov. 29 in Albania marks the 75th anniversary of the Liberation Day. The festivities for the commemoration of this important day were cancelled across the country due to the earthquake.

A ceremony was held at the "Martyrs Cemetery" in Tirana and wreaths of flowers were laid at the motherland monument on Friday in memory of the Albanian martyrs that lost their lives during the anti-fascist war.

Albanian President Ilir Meta, Prime Minister Rama and Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruci attended the ceremony and paid homage to the country's martyrs.