In a controversial move on Friday, the Pakistani music-streaming service Patari shared promotions for a new single of Pakistani entertainer Mohsin Abbas Haider. 

Many on Twitter expressed their outrage against Patari's decision, which has already acquired a reputation for covering up crimes of sexual abuse. 

In May 2018, two women made allegations against the Patari CEO, Khalid Bajwa, accusing him of misusing his power to extract sexual favors out of women. Bajwa initially resigned from his positon, only to be secretly rehired by the company. Six of Patari's original team members resigned in July of the same team after it was clear that Bajwa was not stepping down.

In August 2018, Patari allegedly complied to a request made by Ali Zafar to change the ranking of a song released by Faris Shafi. Zafar, who at the time had been accused by Shafi's sister, Meesha Shafi, of sexual harassment, apparently felt that the promotion of Faris Shafi's song made it seem that Patari was on the side of Meesha Shafi in their legal dispute. Patari then moved down Faris Shafi's song to please Zafar's team. 

Mohsin Abbas Haider was found guilty of threatening his wife in a domestic violence case that led to his firing from a late-night show. His former spouse, Fatima Sohail, had accused him of violently attacking her after she confronted him for cheating on her. Haider attempted to call the dispute "a family matter". However, in the Punjab province, domestic violence is a punishable offence with possible jail sentences. Sohail was granted a divorce by the court, leading to the dissolution of their marriage.

Given the dubious history of Patari, it is difficult to see the promotion of Haider's song as anything but part of a company legacy to stand behind those accused of sexual harassment.