HAFIZABAD/TOBA TEK SINGH    -      The innocent youth of Hafizabad district are being hoodwinked and fleeced by so-called recruiting agents who allegedly extorted huge amount from them for providing jobs in foreign countries.

According to survey conducted by scribe, there is mushroom growth of registered and unregistered recruiting agents who fleece the ambitious youth under the garb of providing them best possible employment in other countries, but most of them befooled and fleeced them and usurp their hard-earned money.

The FIA has rounded up some of these so-called agents in the past but the big fish being patronised by influential personalities are still beyond the noose of FIA. People of different localities called upon FIA to take stern action against the human traffickers.

Likewise, more than a dozen dacoits took away cattle from the dairy farm located outside Gojra village chak 363 JB.Police said dacoits reached the dairy farm by a truck on Monday night and they forced their entry into the farm from outer wall. They made hostage farm owners Noor Muhammad,Sarfraz Ahmad and Muhammad Akbar on gunpoint and tied them with ropes.They loaded away 11 buffaloes worth millions of rupees on their truck and fled. A college student was allegedly kidnapped at Gojra on Tuesday.Police said daughter of Israr Hussain of chak 363 JB (A) went to Gojra government college for women and when she was returning,home,accused Sheraz Ahmad of Nishter Colony of Gojra and his accomplices abducted her away on gunpoint by their car.Police were conducting raids to recover the girl.