The Supreme Court yesterday showed a way out of the mess that the bumbling PTI government had found itself it. It is incomprehensible that a notification regarding the extension of the tenure of the Chief of Army Staff, possibly the most important document of its day, found itself subject to amateurish butchery.

The concern and regard displayed by the Supreme Court for the office of the Chief of Army staff, was echoed throughout the country. Citizens were left marvelling at a botched operation, the likes of which we have never seen before. Confidence in the government rightly stands at an all-time low, and if this episode displays their maximum competence, then one worries greatly of their ability to understand matters of national security at all.

What added to the triumph of absolute incapability in the government; was a tweet by the Prime Minister himself, where he once again repeated an incomprehensible mumbo jumbo about a “mafia” and “looted wealth” being responsible for the state of affairs. The Prime Minister should reflect on his communication tools and add to them. The same old harangue of looted wealth is like applying a band aid to a clumsily amputated limb — ie, not nearly good enough as damage control.

One can only thank the Chief Justice, Asif Saeed Khosa, for his historic conduct of the trial, and all the Honourable Judges on the bench. Were it not for them, the government would still be stumbling around over a notification that should have been issued perfectly the first time around. General Bajwa, and the office of the Army Chief are the pride of the nation, there is no doubt that the government has proven itself incapable of demonstrating the reverence and care which these offices demand. A stern rebuke from the Supreme Court has been issued. From the tweet of the Prime Minister, it is a great pity that it seems as though it has fallen on totally deaf ears.