LAHORE      -    The contemporary rock-pop band Kashmir has been making waves after emerging as a winning band in Pepsi Battle of the Band in 2017.

Having won the Lux Style Award for the Best Emerging Talent in Music in 2017 for their song KaaghazKaJahaaz, Kashmir has been winning hearts with its unique groovy music, powerful lyrics, and soulful vocals.

Kashmir has just delivered another profound sound to the fans with the arrival of their new single “Parwana Hun”. The dark atmospheric tune of the instruments produces a hauntingly beautiful combination, with Bilal Ali’s vocals; the lyrics are equally emotive and signify a hard take on life, yet give us some hope. Parwana Hun is the pursuance to their last single “Pari”; and is a part of their debut album.

Complemented by a powerful intriguing music video, directed by Ashar Khalid, the song carries expressively reminiscent vibes. The video depicts an unorthodox portrayal of the band’s signature flair and passionate manifestation that takes us through an individual’s journey to find the truth.

The music video is based on the concept of cave dwellers theory of Plato, where people in the cave have faith that what’s inside is the reality, and there is nothing outside. The cave represents superficial physical reality. The chains that prevent the prisoners from leaving the cave represent that they are trapped in ignorance, as the chains are stopping them from learning the truth.

Parwana Hun is all about how we humans don’t understand the true reality of our world.  We think that we understand what we are looking at and sensing in our world, but we just perceive shadows of the true forms of the things that make up the world.

The song predicts a broader view of life as a whole, where these struggles will go on. Until one day, they are no more and on that very day, many of us will realize, it was the struggle itself that gave us determination and strength.

Kashmir’s journey from the stage of Pepsi Battle of the Band to the limelight they are in now is truly laudable.