“I am so obsessed with the cars that sometimes I feel like my heart is not a muscle, it’s an engine.”

–Amit Kalantri

If evolution can be described in a word, one

needs to look at Audi R8


In 1909, August Horch formed a car company, later named Audi Automobilewerke. Audi was one of the four carmakers that merged to become Auto Union in 1932. Daimler-Benz bought Auto Union in the 1950s, and then sold to VW in 1960. The Audi 100 of 1968 convinced VW to turn Audi into a standalone brand. In 1972, Audi 80 was followed by the Audi 50, which continues today as the A4 and A3. The Audi Quattro was launched in 1980 as a 4x4 performance model. The Quattro would go on to become a hugely successful rally car. In recent years, Audi has dominated Le Mans with 13 wins. The TT design study of 1995 would go on to become successful TT coupe.

It was year 2007, when Audi launched its first SUV, the Q7 in the market. However, year 2015 was a difficult one for Audi. It was the year when Audi was caught up in the VW diesel emissions scandal. However, the scandal did not stop Audi from innovation and leading the car manufacturing industry from the front. By 2016, Audi’s range featured 47 models, including the Q2 compact SUV.