RAWALPINDI             -             Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) conducted full-scale emergency exercise on Thursday at New Islamabad International Airport (NIIAP) to test the level of preparedness of all responding agencies. The rescue firefighting and medical services of the CAA and twin cities were mobilised during the exercise.

Through this full-scale exercise, management of the Islamabad International Airport tested the appropriateness of its Crisis and Emergency Response Plan (CERP). This exercise is conducted after two years in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommended practices. The exercise also served to determine the effectiveness of IIAP command and control system for managing incidents and to test the communications systems and emergency resources in place. The exercise simulated the scenario of aircraft crash in phases of fuel firefighting and rescue operations from the aircraft separately. Airport fire vehicles reached the scene within two minutes and extinguished the fire within 30 seconds. The rescue of 40 mocked injured passenger and 148 passengers was completed in 30 minutes.

This exercise was organised by the PCAA at Islamabad International Airport in collaboration with a PIA, ASF, Airlines Operating Committee, Ground Handling Agencies, Rescue 1122, CDA, Edhi, Army Aviation, Princely Jets, CMH RWP, MH RWP, BBH RWP, PIMS ISB, Holy Family Hospital and other government departments. The exercise was evaluated by the neutral umpires from aviation and medical professional who appreciated the conduct of exercise in a befitting manner. Islamabad International Airport carries out emergency exercises on different levels on a regular basis, in order to keep improving its Crisis and Emergency Response Plan and capabilities.